But what about the fact that they have the same tan lines in the summer ? And the fact that tey have the same schedule... And they perform in the same rooms(not recently but "they" used to )...come on they might be twins, but not siamese... :D just saying, that's my opinion. And about the fact that her schedule is few hours in the morning and few hours in the afternoon, maybe she performs live on one of the accounts in the morning and the other one is recorded and then, at noon she switches and performs on the other one. That would explain why some people complain about how "Nastya" does what she wants, not what they ask, and others say she is willing.
  • Then she is really good because she managed to be on top 20 with both accounts at same time several times. Nastya has a tiny mole on her chest (you can see even when she is not naked), Masha does not have it. Really, that would be too much trouble just to pretend to have an imaginary sister. This would be the first case of a camgirl with multiple personality disorder. –  MyCamgirl Nov 22, 2012 06:42

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