Sweet, sexy, fun, energizer bunny CassirRamone is hottt in public chat, especially when the rush of a great chat session takes her there, and always wildly entertaining. But in group and especially private she's been hotter that hell, freaky wild & wonderfully connected to me or the other participants. Cas could make a ton more and probably make a good run at top 20 instead of hovering in the top 100 range after only three months on cam. But she's really a amateur on for the fun of it, having fun, doing what she wants, and entertaining in some of her play times around a full time job. Seen her most days since her first time on, & see incredible growth as a model still happening. She ran quickly up to the top of my favorites list and she's absolutely still there. A great friend, very giving, and always fun, fun, fun. Love her circle churks where she'd turn on dozens of web cams and masturbate with her audience. Her tip raids to help other models are crazy fun, and Cassie is there tipping with the best! And her gg shows with friends are awesome too.
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