I understand that many girls don't feel comfortable telling their real birthdays. But when a girl tells when her birthday is, whether it is true or not, she must stick with that date forever. What I just realized was that this girl is changing her birthday so her age can be always the same. First she was born in 1982, then in 1983 and now it is 1984. September 1 or September 2 are the days she uses to say. Normally, the models can set their ages on their profile settings and this info isn't updated unless the model edit it every year. But on MyFreeCams the models must set their birthday and the site calculates the age. In some parts of the site the birthday info is shown, revealing the trick used by this model. Another thing that this model is always changing is her country and her name. She has told me she was from Bulgaria, Romania and I think she said Hungary once. Romania is the right answer. She also told me that her name is Maya. Now she says it is Inna. It does not really matter what her real name is. But she should stick with a name. Giving different info for the same thing just make her look bad and people might think it isn't a good idea to have a private with her. You know, if she lies about all that, maybe she lies about what she can do in private. By the way... regarding her private shows. She does nude shows, use fingers... naughty show. But sometimes she takes too long to get naughty, dragging you into a long boring chat. She does get naked without problems, but to start the hot action sometimes it takes a long chat.
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