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8093 nicknames of Streamate's models and the sites they work

What is Streamate?

If you're in search of a website with more HD girls and shows, Streamate is your go-to place. With well over 2000 exclusive webcam adult stunners, Streamate comes as one of the largest online adult webcam networks. This classic platform is one of the first cam sites for adult entertainment. It allows customers to browse and search by looks, age, or intercourse. In addition, the site leverages innovative user features.

By the way, the name is Streamate. Not Streammate like many people, including many models, say.

You've got no worry because the variety of babes available on Streamate is intimidating. Plus, the crispiness of the site's images and the quality of the sound are features you don't want to miss out on. The stunning models, a wide range of categories, and HD live shows are standout features of Streamate.

What's more, Streamate also offers you the chance to get more customers from its anime porn site, Pornhub. Getting players to sign up on the verified Amateur Program of Pornhub is pretty easy. The icing on the cake is the incredible Streamate traffic and Streamate camgirls that's more than what other cam sites offer.

How Does Streamate Work?

The mode of operation of Streamate isn't too different from what you find on other sites. However, it has exclusive features that include budget-friendly Gold Shows, and extremely splendid Exclusive Chat sessions.

They are the Kiiroo partners. This company works with Streamate to produce some of the best interactive sex toys. These fucktoys offer the needed fun for Streamate camgirls and everyone. You don't want to miss out on this thing. However, you may need to pay higher when you're in interactive shows. These performers will grind you to the point of no return.

Streamate In Numbers

There are right now active models using Streamate. Confuse that with models online right now. Active models are those who have been online for at least per day in the past 30 days. That is 50% of the time a normal camgirl spends online on this platform. In other words, on average, a camgirl spends per day on Streamate.

If we rank camsites by active models, then Streamate is in # place among all camsites MyCamgirl tracks. That is really good. Streamate has been in the business for decades, and it has seen most of its early competition shut down over the years. So, the fact that they are still in business and in a very strong position means that they are doing pretty well.

Remember that a camsite is nothing without models. Considering that Streamate is the # biggest in terms of active models is a great indicator that they are a really good camsite.

Another note is that MyCamgirl only counts females, boy/girl, and girl/girl accounts. So, these numbers are not taking into account male models and transgenders.

Here is the evolution of active models on the site:

But Is Streamate Still Getting New Models?

The answer is yes. First of all, every camsite still gets new models every day. But, a camsite can't be one of the largest in the industry if they don't keep getting new models. On average, models join Streamate every day.

Since on Streamate, models can't easily create new accounts if they already have one, this number is very close to unique people joining the site. Most of the cases of models applying for a new account are due to them leaving the studio. In cases like this, Streamate prefers to rename the model and reset her settings instead of giving her a new account. Maybe because of this the site does not get so many new accounts. It is the # in terms of new models.

Here is the average new models over the years:

Where Are Streamate Models From?

While most of the Streamate hot women come from Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, and Romania, you can find a large number of them from anywhere in the world, including Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia, Africa, America, and Asia. It doesn't matter whether you want a mature or blonde, Latina or Asian, couple or single, gay or lesbian, homosexual or bisexual, etc. Each category and regional group is adequately represented, and you can view the models 24/7. Meanwhile, some of these girls will pretend they are from Rustic to cover their national origin and identity.

Attention to the fact that there is a huge number of models claiming to be from Spain when in reality, they are from Colombia. For example, LissanaScott, a former LiveJasmin's model who has been confirmed to be Colombian, claims to be Spanish.

The reason for this is perhaps because the platform is overcrowded by Colombian models. They represent % of the active models on Streamate. But that is pretty much on every camsite. Colombia is the first source of camgirls everywhere. Here are the top 10 countries:

Country Models
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)

Streamate Pricing System

One of the features that stand Streamate out as an adult streaming site is its incredible pricing system. Although the amount you pay depends on the type of services, you request on the platform. While many other sites require users to buy tokens or credit units in advance, Streamate allows its customers to chat and make payments on the go. This instant pay-per-minute billing system means that you're billed only after you engage in a private chat with a model.

Although there are many shows available on the site, the two pricing systems are gold and paid services. Gold is Streamate's online currency that users purchase to tip models or go to private present. One ounce of gold is equivalent to US$1. You can gift a performer gold as a reward for a live entertainment service. Once you open your private chat room, the gold option is there to use by Streamate camgirls and models and you. Gold also serves as a ticket for multiple users to chip in and attend onsite shows. Depending on the worth of your gold, a model can set the duration, type, and content of a show.

Another feature of the billing system is the paid services. With paid services, users can interact with performers when you gift gold to them. Starting from 5 Gold, you can tip a model to perform or gift them some Gold tokens as a way of showing appreciation. One of the paid services is Spin the Wheel, which prompts a Streamate camgirl to perform a random act of either teasing or showing a nude picture, depending on the number on which the spinning wheel lands.

How Much Does It Cost a Private Chat on Streamate?

The average for a single minute in private chat on Streamate is $ . If we rank the camsites by average price, that puts Streamate at # . It is not as cheap as long-time competitors like and LiveJasmin, where the average is $ and $ , respectively.

In fact, models tend to charge more when they move to Streamate. LissanaScott, again as an example, and her colleague MistyCollins. Both formers LiveJasmin models. They actually started camming on LiveJasmin, and then moved to Streamate. They both increased their base prices by up to 200% after changing sites. The reason? Probably because they can ask for more there.

MistyCollins, in particular, I had a private chat with her on LiveJasmin in 2018. In the days after that, she sent me daily messages inviting me to go private again. On Streamate, I had a hard time having a private chat with her. First, she was most of the time doing Gold Shows. If she was not, she was probably already in private. So, she was charging more and getting more paying members.

Here is a chart showing the progress on the average price for a private chat on

Streamate Shows

There is a wide range of public and private shows that the Streamate camgirls offer on the site. Each of these shows has its features and services.

Private Session

As the name suggests, Streamate's private session is a one-on-one chat that users can have with the Streamate camgirls and performers. This feature can be personalized by the user, allowing you access to enjoy a performer without interruption.

This paid services feature enables you to chat with a performer and control what you want to see and how the model could act. However, the session is open to other members to join and watch. The per-minute rate and the type of model you pick will determine how much you'll pay. The interactive features are made available to premium private shows, and the cost varies from 0.99$ to $2.99 per minute.

Exclusive 1-on-1 Private Chat

What is the Streamate Exclusive present about? It allows you to have an intimate environment in one-on-one with your favorite model. The pleasure Streamate Camgirls offers through this package includes anal plays, bondages, and more. However, the price for this chat comes from the donations made by members. While models decide the duration of a session, a refund is made if the money raised through the donation doesn't match the expected goal. The cost of an exclusive private chat varies from girl to girl, but they all charge premium rates, with some asking $8+ per minute.

Public Shows

Streamate public shows are set up for basic members, and they are free-to-air for all categories of users. In these free shows, models can interact freely with users and pose in undergarments. Yet, this doesn't prevent users in the free chat from sending chats, ordering some features from the menu, or giving gold to performers.

Tip Menu

If you come from MyFreeCams, then you probably know what this is. Tip menus are activities the model performs in exchange for tips, with specified amounts being requested as compensation from them.

You can see a model's tip menu in her chat room only when she is streaming. It lists each activity performed along with its corresponding tip amount required for their performance. Models can customize this menu to include activities or services they plan to perform either during private shows or public chat rooms.

Tip menus often include activities such as flashing, dancing, toy play or performing sexual acts; models can set different tip amounts for various activities while viewers select which activities they wish to tip for according to their personal preferences.

Notice that you can't buy videos using the tip menu. In fact, you shouldn't buy videos on Streamate using tips. For videos, the platform has the video gallery where models can upload their videos and members can purchase.

You also can't start a full cam show with this feature. You may tip for certain sex acts that the model may perform during a cam show. But there is no option to pay for a show to happen in public chat. Also, although there is no time set for the activities, models tend to perform for no more than one minute. In other words, if you want a full show, it's better to go private chat or buy a ticket to a Gold Show.

In summary, a tip menu on Streamate is a list of activities that a model offers to perform in exchange for tips from viewers.

Gold Shows

On Streamate, Gold Shows are group shows in which models set goals to collect Gold (Streamate's virtual currency) from viewers before starting the show itself. Once this goal has been met, all those who contributed towards meeting it can join and watch the performance as part of an audience.

Here is how it works:

  • Before the show starts, the model establishes a goal for how much Gold (Streamate's virtual money) they wish to collect before their show begins;
  • Viewers can contribute towards this goal by sending Gold to the model. There is a minimum, and tipping the minimum gets you a ticket to the Gold Show;
  • Once the goal has been met, the model starts her show - all viewers who contributed can join and enjoy this show;
  • The duration of a Gold Show depends on what the model specifies; for instance, they might state that it will last 10 minutes.
  • At a Gold Show, models perform for viewers who contributed towards reaching the goal. Activities may include stripping, dancing and/or other sexually based acts.
  • When the show ends, the model receives all the Gold they collected during it. Viewers who helped meet their goal can leave ratings and reviews for them on how well they performed.

What happens if the show does not take place? If the goal hasn't been met, or the model logs off before the show starts, all members that tipped towards the show get their Gold refunded. That is a fundamental difference between Gold Shows and Countdown shows on MyFreeCams. Here you get the money back if there is no show. On MyFreeCams any tip sent towards a Countdown show is considered a gift, and won't be refunded.

Gold Shows are an increasingly popular way for models to engage with viewers in an intimate setting and offer more personalized entertainment. Participation is entirely optional and viewers have complete freedom in contributing towards meeting the goal and watching the show.

Top Streamate Models

Another essential distinguishing feature of the adult cam site is the array of Streamate camgirls it features. The top Streamate models will blow your mind, thanks to hot and super-sexy models. With the site's ultra-kinky top webcam hotties, there's nothing you won't enjoy. They will get you off with their pleasure buttons. If you log in today, the following top Streamate camgirls will show you their curvy rears, tantalizing clits, bouncing boobs, and winking faces. Let's walk you through a list of the top 6 cam girls to give you live shows and make your day complete on Streamate.


BettySkyWalker is a perfect babe if you're looking for a top shy Streamate model who's a perfect dick sucker. Although she has quite a shy public show, this goldfish model will set you on fire the moment you go private with her. The lady's an array of gymnastic skills and expertise that include playing with interactive toys. She'll need up to 500 Gold to go private with you for 30 minutes.

What's her expertise? She's good at double penetrating her pussy, deep throat, squirting, and anal. She can also drool, twerk, roleplay, toe suck, and tease. You don't need to go too far before she gets turned on. A little kissing, creativity, dirty talk, and spanking from a man who's got exceptional confidence will make her lose control of her booty frame. But you have to be gentle with her, show respect and support.


Talk of a goldfish that has no holding place; Soffiecruz's name pops up in mind. Are you curious about what turns her on? It is a gentleman who is smart and can engage her in sex chats. If you can kiss and spoil a model with love, care, and gold, then you're the right guy for Soffiecruz.

Her tantalizing appeal to all fetishes and her imagination has no limit once you throw Gold at her. This babe will go for anything and everything intimate when it comes to teasing.
This 29-year-old babe is an expert in making you go completely gaga. She's got the nasty fantasies that will make your dream come true. Guys who've got a taste for Romanian models, Soffiecruz is your right pick. She weighs 110 pounds (50kg). Her ethnicity is white with a cup size D.


SophiaConners is a veteran top Streamate camgirl who has been reviewed by MyCamgirl. She can model her plump curves in front of you to make the balls drain effortlessly. An exclusive one-on-one chat with her will take you to the heavens and back.

Her fetishes include interactive vibe, gagging, voyeur, and deep-throat. Although she is not limited to these skills and expertise, SophiaConners will make you ask for more as she partly prevents and partly romantic. Throw gold at her; this Romanian is ready to come down in private conversations and model for you. Showing off her frame while dancing and teasing you makes her joyful. She is also into SPH, CEI, and JOI. If you've got naughty thoughts to share, SophiaConners will provide exclusive private shows on Streatmate.


Another prominent member of the webcam family on Streamate is MissJerseylicious. This 40+ years old prefers to be bisexual and so she can swing both ways. So, if you're a lady, this self-acclaimed Canadian-American ethnic white nymph will invade your ass with all the seduction and aggression it longs for.

She is 5'9 tall and weighs 121 lbs. She's got the boobs you can fondle when you're in a private conversation with her. You will like her cute tits and yellow hair and hazel eyes colors. The slender build makes twisting and turning with her a lot easier. You will get your cock rolling in her vagina as she spins between styles and positions.

This woman offers you bald pubic hair, making penetration quick and more efficient. Her preference for cuckolds, deepthroats, dominant, rectal invasions, roleplay, worship, and feet is second to none. She's everything that means to fulfill your sexual fantasies.


RealRoniRaye is another Streamate model that MyCamgirl has reviewed. You can call her Ron, but she has an ace up her sleeves. Ron is a full-time cam model who loves teasing, kissing, showing off, and exciting her suitors. She has a great deal of knowledge, experience, and expertise in flirting and phone sex.

Think of Ron if you need one of the open-minded, sexy, intelligent, and interesting Streamate can models. Although she is 54 years old, Ron doesn't look it. She is ready to reply to your texts and pick up your calls on personal phone lines. If you want to exchange photos or videos with this model, she's got a load of these to share and turn you on. A little tipping will do the magic so the duo can get naughty together.


Who is Martina_Mars? She is one of the top cam models on Streamate. This Streamate sex model is 24 years old, and her Hispanic origin puts her in a pole position to make you cum. She has a tiny, medium-build body type and sandy black hair that can curl around your neck for all-night fun in a private chat. Her black hazel eyes will make you not want to quit on time as you stroke your dick around her short tits.

What are your areas of expertise with Martina? She is in if you are good at sexual role plays, live sex chatting, dildo sex, footjobs fuck, submission fuck, and deepthroats. Her body features good-looking piercings, sexy tattoos, and shaved genitals. She's interested in men who want specifically uncut, big ass.


Is Streamate Legit?

From various reviews from users, Streamate is a properly licensed and regulated adult cam site. It is safe and secure for use because the user's data will not be saved for unauthorized use. The third party does not have access to users' details on the site, either.

Is Streamate Restricted in some Regions?

While you can access the site from any part of the world, Streamate uses geo-blocking for its live cam network. Once a model puts on her geo-restriction feature, users from the blocked regions cannot access the models, although they can browse the website for other activities. Models can block and unblock at will.

How Can I Join Streamate?

To join Streamate, go to the site and click on "Free Account" golden button located at the top right corner of the site. You'll be redirected to a page to answer a few questions. Tick as appropriate, and you will be granted access to join Streamate as a user.

Streamate Customer Support

Our final point will commend the excellent work of the Streamate customer support team. The team is always on hand 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to respond to queries, complaints, feedback, and inquiries from users. Whether it concerns Streamate accounts, billing method, earnings and rewards, login issues, or any other issue, the team responds professionally. You can use live chat, phone, or the onsite FAQ section for prompt and professional service.

Streamate Overall Rating

So far, Streamate looks great and better than many other cam sites in many areas. There are so many activities and events going on at Streamate at the same time that users can take advantage of. Our overall assessment will rate this site 4.5/5. Let's summarize what its likes and dislikes are.


  • Streatmate takes care of chargeback. This is a big issue with some cam sites;
  • Unique Gold Shows for a fair price;


  • Very expensive private chats