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Where else SecretsFriends' models work? Find here 243 models and see where they are now

If there's one industry that empowers young folks but is least talked about, it is the camming industry. With millions of webcam sex models making huge bucks, new sex cam sites are springing up and competing vigorously.

What is SecretFriends?

One of the leading biggest operators in the industry is SecretFriends. This site has got what it takes to be among the first 10 best cam sites in the world. What's SecretFriends? What are its features, and how does it work? Let's find out.

SecretFriends is a webcam site that has been around for many years, since 2002, to be precise. Its owner changed around 2015, but the site continues with the same vibe. Heavily populated by young girls, almost all of them working for studios, usually from Czechia, but also from other countries around like Hungary, Poland, and Bulgaria. Add to this list some models from Russia and Ukraine.

The site was never that popular, but it always had steady traffic. Two key points for the site to have its fame are young and unique models that you can't find on any other site. Although the site never had that many models, either online or offline, the ones that you find there, you almost never find working on another camsite.

A Heaven Full Of Young Camgirls

Yes, you still can find mature camgirls on SecretFriends. But the vast majority are between 18-25 years old. It has always been like that. Girls over 30 are not that common on this camsite.

It is not that the site only accepts young models. It seems to be an involuntary reaction of the demographics. The reason for this phenomenon seems to be due to the girls the studios have available. As mentioned before, the studios are mostly from Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Bulgaria. Without getting into a social-economic discussion, these countries have huge quantities of young girls looking for a job. The studios target exactly these girls, and as a consequence, they populate SecretFriends with young girls. Even if the studios would focus on mature models, they would end up with a lot more young girls than mature women.

Also, mature women usually don't need to use a studio to work, while young girls must work for a studio as they still live with their parents. Among other reasons, of course.

The New SecretFriends

It is not that new since they changed everything in 2015. But every time I go to the site, it still surprises me how much it has changed that it feels like it is the first time I see it.

The site was designed to compete with established sites in the industry; more importantly, SecretFriends was built to provide an incredible sexual experience. It possesses loads of standout features that make it one of the world's sought-after model sites. It has a huge population of performers, viewers, models, and audiences. However, SecretFriend was never really as popular as its competition.

The site is based in Europe and is predominantly dominated by European women and couples. They had in the past many models from South America, but currently, it is almost impossible to find one that is not from Eastern Europe.

This webcam platform offers members a wide range of features and services and features prominently a very competitive pricing model for its private shows and premium events. If you compare the cost of using this site to other webcam platforms out there, you'll realize it's relatively affordable. That's not all.

The layout of the SecretFriends site is pretty simple to navigate. You can filter models by a wide range of options. You can search by name, sexual orientation, model ranking (Top 10), hair color, breast size, body type, and top tags. Interestingly, there are more than 100 model tags. You can also pick your fave model on the site's main homepage or click on any of the categories. Alternatively, you can also browse models using the Top 10 model ranking feature.

Not So Exclusive Anymore

One thing that SecretFriends had for years was exclusive models. Most of its young models could only be found on this platform. This was a key selling point and a big advantage over the competition. I am talking about young camgirls, a bit inexperienced and shy. If you were a regular visitor of the site, you could be the lucky one to watch a girl getting undressed for the first time.

This, unfortunately, has changed. Studios started looking for other platforms, and nowadays, almost all SecretFriends models can be found on other camsites, usually on StripChat and Chaturbate.

How Does SecretFriends Work?

Becoming a member or using the SecreFriends platform comes at a cost. The way the system works is similar to many other platforms out there. It has its unique features, though. There are various chat options available to members. The task is on each user to figure out which of the services they want to take advantage of.

Free chat options

The first attraction to the SecretFriends site is the free chat option. With the free chat, you can expect to get unrestricted access to non-nude content and interact with models for free in the chat rooms. These performers are waiting for you in the chat rooms. Secondly, the private chat room offers you the opportunity to get sexier with the performers. You can own and control the models in the private chat room.

But don't hope to sit there watching the girl as a guest for too long. The site's admin never liked lurkers much, and they always gave guests only a few minutes to watch before forcing them to get an account.

Premium shows

Apart from the chat rooms, SecretFriends offers premium shows. In these shows, performers can earn money while viewers enjoy their time to the fullest. You can see hot video content and sexier features, and cum-arousing performances. You can enjoy these performances and moments with other members. That's not all.

Loaded Bio pages

The homepage of SecretFriends is filled with the different models you'll be interacting with. The bio pages allow you to check out everything about a model. Whatever you ever wanted to know about a model you'll get through this tab. This also contains the performer's galleries that include saucy images, videos, and other cam-related content. Plus, the bio pages include the schedules of your fave performers. You need to know when last your SecretFriends was available and when next she's scheduled to be online.

Detailed thumbnails

Furthermore, there are detailed thumbnails that provide you with information on how to navigate your way around the site. With the thumbnails, you can access the pics, bio pages, chat rooms, private shows, and others. You can also bargain the chat room you wish to join. You can switch between different screen sizes to have an optimized experience on the go.

SecretFriends Chat Options

Free Chat

The SecretFriends private chat option offers free rooms for video chats. You can freely chat with models and watch their video content. You can switch messages to whispers to turn things into private messages. There are ticket shows with visible banners. Plus, there is an option to send a monetized selfie.

Private Chat

Unlike free chats, private chats cost higher, and you'll need to spend $2.00 or $3.00 per minute. Private chats also involve a one-way C2C, but other viewers can spy in and see the model you're watching in your show.

VIP Chat

You'll need to spend more if you go for a VIP show. If private shows cost $2.00, you'll need to add $1.00. You'll also enjoy a two-way C2C which is missing in private shows. Spying doesn't happen in VIP shows, meaning that others cannot view your interaction with the model.

German chat

Because it is occupied by Europeans, SecretFriends is also home to a German chat option. This option is in form of a German flag and it involves paid chat rooms. You're required to pay $2.00 as soon as you enter the rooms as these German models are already naked, waiting for you to bang in and start meeting them. Although they serve the same purpose as other chat rooms, the German rooms have a unique theme and window.

One thing, though. Don't be surprised if these "German" girls are actually from Poland or Czechia. But they speak German well enough to pretend to be from Germany.

Top 7 SecretFriends Models

Here are top Secretfriend models that will sexually set you on fire, literally speaking.


ErikkaJoy is an 18-yo Ukrainian but speaks good English. She is one of the most regular SecretFriends camgirls you'll always find online, doing her stuff. She's Gemini, meaning ErikkaJoy has got some smartness, extroversion, and flexibility around her.

In addition, ErikkaJoy confidently flaunts her blue eyes, brown hair, and curvy body type. Her B-boob size stands out from most curvy camgirls on the site. While she has tattoos, ErikkJoy doesn't like piercings. Her tags include vibrating toys, tip toys, tattoos, and sex toys. She charges 2 and 3 credits per minute for private and VIP chats, respectively.


She's Polish by birth, and AlexiaWinter can fluently communicate in English. Her Zodiac sign is Aquarius which means she's optimistic about your engagement with her. She's got a pretty advanced, exceptional, and clever sexual personality.

This 29-year-old looks far younger than her age and her green eyes will attract any serious-minded man. AlexiaWinter also displays brown hair, a normal body type, and a C-boob size that has no match on the site.
What's more, this SecretFriends camgirl has no piercings but her 67” body is tattooed. Her shoe size and weight are 38 and 53 kg, respectively. Her tags include vibrating toys, brunettes, tattoos, sex toys, and more.


Biella has been one of the top SecretFriends camgirls since she joined in May 2019. This femme has lived up to her bidding as a lover of tip toys, long hair, glasses, small tits, brunette, and more. This nymph has no piercings, no tattoos, no favorite sex position, or sexual specialty. All she wants is a man who understands his role and can make her cum.

Biella is jealous and won't want anyone to distract or turn her off. She's 26 with brown eyes, brown hair, a thin body, 35-inch shoe size, A-boob size, 158 cm height, and 48 kg weight. This is a perfect model.


This is one of the rare cases of Polish camgirls that are not non-nude. SweettyHotSonya is a young Polish girl with long brown hair, natural tits, and a remarkable booty. Her ass is quite a feat. It is big, bubble, and round. Between her legs, she hides a shaved little pussy.

Her cam shows are 100% hardcore; she masturbates with fingers and dildos, and she also has a Lush in case you want to vibe her. But of course, if you prefer, you can sit and chat with her. Although her English isn't that perfect, she can have a conversation.


Meah is a Latvian with incredibly immaculate English. You can tag her in the following filters lingerie, vibrating toy, blue eyes, sex toy, teaser, charming, etc. She wants a man perfect at the doggy position and who can whisper soft and tender licks behind her ears. To turn her on, lick her hot ass and finger her damp clits.

She has green eyes, brown hair, B-boob, and a normal body. At 28, Meah has so much to give, considering her experience and friendship with top SecretFriends camgirls like ErikkaJoy, AlexiaWinter, and SamanthaSainnt. Her sexual specialty is Popka shake; take your nasty talks off this cute dame.


MonikaAyrton is of the same Polish origin as AlexiaWinter and can speak good English too. But this nymph comes with a bang in terms of sexual preferences, positions, and fetishes. She is Virgo, and you can tell that she'll be loyal to you without giving her attention elsewhere.

This 19yo is one of the tallest and cheapest camgirls on the SecretFriends site. She's brown eyes, brown hair, a thin body constitution, B-boob size, 173 cm of height and 53kg of weight. Although she doesn't tattoo or pierce her skin, MonikaAyrton has all the trappings of a truly sexually attractive model. Filter her with brown eyes or black hair.


Do you want to moan with delight while sucking a sweet and fingering a hot clit? Stephaniia's got you covered. This 21-yo has an A-boob size, meaning she has protruding, puffy nipples that stimulate. Like ErikkaJoy, Stephaniia is Gemini, but her flexibility is only limited to her response to you in bed. She's got her loyalty personality intact as she doesn't switch men flexibly.

She has brown hair and eyes and speaks near-perfect English. Her normal body type plus her height (155 cm) and weight (45 kg) make her the perfect camgirl you'd need for all-night sexual escapades. She is among the cheap private camgirls on SecretFriends.

SecretFriends Cost

Like most webcam sites, SecretFriends requires users to have credits. These are the tokens users need to unlock access to premium sex videos and other sensitive content. The credits are also used for different chat features, tipping, and pay shows. There are different credit plans available for different banking options you choose.

The cost of using the SecretFriends platform is relatively affordable and cheap. While there are many premium options, users only have access to shows and features based on the number of dollars they're willing to spare. You can purchase different credit blocks. Nonetheless, the minimum bucks you can is $1.00.

For instance, 130 SecretFriends credits go for $19.95 while 230 credits cost $29.95. Live premium chats are priced at $1.49 per minute while premium shows cost $0.99 per minute. Check the table below for a detailed membership plan and cost.

Show Type Cost per 5 minute show Cost per minute
Full Private VIP C2C $15 $3
Private Chat $10 $2
Group Chat $5 $1
Spy Chat $5 $1

Customer Support

The SecretFriends customer support service is limited. Members can only reach out to the team through the onsite FAQ and forum options. You may also contact the team via email. Although the FAQ section is exhaustive, it's not enough to answer the specific concerns of members. The live chat option is visibly missing, and this is not a good selling point for the platform.

In all, users don't have a real-time experience with the site's customer support team. To complain or inquire about SecretFriends using the email, you may have to scroll down to the bottom page of the site's FAQ section.

Our SecretFriends Overall Verdict

SecretFriends is a feature-rich and user-friendly webcam sex site that displays a diversity of women. Viewers can find couples, men and women with different sexual styles and positions. But there's no tranny model. The site offers a relatively low price compared to the quality of the video and other movies, audio, and photo content. The content is pretty good in most of the rooms.

The good thing is that premium membership on SecretFriends can automatically switch to whispers. What it means is that you may be in the same room with different models at the same time. Yet, none of them can track the correspondences you share with other models. There is so much going on the SecretFriends page at once. You don't have to feel intimidated by the memes and themes.

In terms of pricing, SecretFriends is one of the world's most affordable cam sites. While models earn good pay, viewers don't have to pay through their noses or break the bank before they interact or chat with the models. Premium chats cost as low as US$1.49, while premium shows range from US$0.99-US$1.00. The banking methods available to SecretFriends are safe, secure, and many and players have a wide range of options to buy tokens.

Overall, SecreFrriends has a clean easy-to-navigate user interface, beautiful models, multiple safe and secure payment methods, and more.


Is SecretFriends legit?

Yes, SecretFriends is absolutely legit and safe for a sexual experience with real models. The site features incredibly genuine models from different parts of the world, mostly from Europe.

I mean, the site has been around since 2002. You must be legit to stay online for so long. Also, in all these years running MyCamgirl, I never got one single complaint about SecretFriends. It is like the admins are way too fair and honest to screw people.

What are the SecretFriends Payment Options?

The good news is that there is a wide array of options to purchase SecretFriends credits. You can use any of the traditional or modern payment methods such as Credit/Debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro) and eWallet (PayPal) options. Europeans and Dutch can also use bank ACH. Digital assets like cryptocurrencies are also other options. These methods are safe and secure.

The table below shows a complete chart of credit allocation based on payment methods.

Credit Plan Payment Method Cost per credit ($) Cost ($)
560 credits ACH $0.893 $500
275 credits ACH, PayPal $0.909 $250
210 credits ACH, PayPal $0.952 $200
150 credits ACH, PayPal, Crypto, and CC $0.666 $100
100 credits ACH, PayPal, Crypto, and CC $0.75 $75
50 credits ACH, PayPal, Crypto, and CC $1 $50
25 credits ACH, PayPal, Crypto, and CC $1 $25

How can I see SecretFriends Private Shows?

Seeing private shows of models is pretty seamless and simple. To watch private shows, the first thing is to buy the credits and you'll be granted access. To start, do the following:

  • Unlock the live stream of the model you want to chat with;
  • Check how many credits her show is worth;
  • Make payment;
  • Hit the “Go Private” green button;
  • You'll be directed to the girl's private room

SecretFriends: What We Like and Don't Like


  • Loads of young camgirls;
  • Lowly-priced shows and events;
  • Offers mobile C2C chats;
  • Feature-rich and user-friendly interface;
  • Mobile-friendly website


  • A limited selection of models;
  • Few bisexuals, men, and couples;