Understanding LiveJasmin categories

Understanding LiveJasmin categories

LiveJasmin categories have changed quite a lot in the past years, and the rules of each category, although simple, are not explained anywhere.

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General rules for all LiveJasmin categories

Before breaking down each category, let’s see the common rules for any category:

No unlawful sex acts

Don’t ask models to perform some taboo role play or extreme sex act because it is not allowed on LiveJasmin and the models must reject any request.

Models are abide to follow their willingness list

The willingness list

See that over there? Well, if a model says she does those things in private, then she must do it.

The way this rule is enforced has been changed a bit in the past years to give the girl a chance to say no, which is good.

Let’s take a look at their categories and what you can expect from the girls.

All LiveJasmin Categories

LiveJasmin categories as they appear on the site
All LiveJasmin Categories


Girl category is LiveJasmin’s default category. Basically, you find here
what everybody expects to find when they visit a camsite. Girls can get
naked, perform any sex act, use toys the usual.

Notice that in this category models should show some level of “hardcore”. It is implied that models in Girl category will do a striptease and perform sex acts such as masturbation.

Hot Flirt

Basically, it is the same as the Girl category. However, the model can, if she wants, stay fully dressed and not perform any sex act.

Important detail: models can’t run around the bush.

If they want to be non-nude, they must tell that to the member. From
my experience though, it seems that models can, let’s say, keep in secret what they do in private. Which means that if you ask a model, in public chat, if she will strip in private, she can give you empty answers, but once in private, then she must say whether she gets naked or not.

What I have seen is that most of models in Hot Flirt category are very good at flirting or simply shy, but they perform, on their own way, sex acts. Get naked and masturbate. But they prefer to get to know the member before doing anything, which seems fair.

Soul Mate

This category is a safe place for non-nude models. By the rules, girls
in Soul Mate category should remain dressed. If a member insists, the model can kick the member out, even if he is in private, and
LiveJasmin won’t ask questions. While models in Girl category can not do
this without a good reason, Soul Mate girls can just kick members out
and say they were asking to nudity.

The girls there are generally good to talk. You still can talk about sex and your sexual desire with them, most of them won’t shut you down. Some will flirt with you. But they will never undress.

If you ever found a girl in this category performing any sex act, they either didn’t know the rules or they selected for themselves the wrong category by mistake. Still very rare to happen.

Mature, Newbie, Amateur, Fetish, Exclusive

I put all these categories together because they are the same thing, and I don’t even think LiveJasmin should consider them as categories.

All the girls in these categories could very well be in Girl, Hot
Flirt or Soul Mate. After all, they are models with a specific characteristic or offering a niche show, but nothing of that can exclude them from the other categories.

Mature category for example. Those women are the ones that have reached a certain age, and that is all. They are not offering anything special that can set them apart from models on Girl category.

My guess is that LiveJasmin want those main categories (Girl, Hot Flirt and Soul Mate) to be more mainstream.

Exclusive and Newbie categories also could be just a filter. These categories are self-explanatory. Although some models are not really exclusive. And naturally, they consider newbies any new account.

Amateur is a curious category. After talking to LiveJasmin, they consider amateur any girl “who is not very experienced yet and not professional”. Theoretically, these are newbies. But LiveJasmin prefers to have a category for them. Also, when does a girl graduate from amateur to professional? I mean, what exactly is a professional? After all, these girls are working. This is their job, so they have a profession. Therefore, they are all professionals.


Also self-explanatory. However, in my opinion, this category should be a complete different section. Like the Boy category, who have its own tab and its own awards only for them, and don’t get listed with Girls.