LiveJasmin Big Improvement: Couples And Lesbians Are Being Re-Introducing

LiveJasmin Big Improvement: Couples And Lesbians Are Being Re-Introducing

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In May 2020, LiveJasmin announced their decision “to discontinue multi-performer accounts, like couples and lesbians accounts.” Their explanation was that they want “To ensure that our members enjoy more dedicated connections with models.”

Well, ok. I personally didn’t like it. I never really spent much time on couple categories, but I would sometimes go private with girls in the lesbians’ category.

And now, 16 months later, LiveJasmin is bringing back couple and lesbian accounts. Yep, I got a notification in August 2021 saying that couple and lesbian accounts are coming back.

Why LiveJasmin probably shut it down

If they want members to have “dedicated connections with models,” then couples and lesbians accounts are not the best option. Every single room I visited in these categories was also online on multiple sites. Even if you went for a private chat with them, you would never have dedicated attention to yourself.

I lost count of how many shows I watched without the models saying anything to me (though I tried to squeeze a hello from them). Often they don’t even realize that you are in the room. They just go on auto-pilot performing a show on 3 or 4 platforms simultaneously for anyone interested in watching the show. Though, with lesbians, I was often able to get some hot french kisses.

One of the rare moments of true hot action: AngelaKatty kissing each other

It can also be because couples’ and lesbians accounts don’t really fit the image that LiveJasmin wanted. They were trying to make the site look more glamorous, so they hide some tags like anal and dildo, even though models were still doing anal and using dildos as usual.

So, if LiveJasmin wanted their models to give full attention, it makes sense to shut down two categories that are known for not doing so.

Why LiveJasmin brought back couple and lesbian accounts

I guess they realize that some members don’t mind paying for shows without interaction from the models, and couple and lesbian accounts can still bring some money.

Also, I guess that LiveJasmin gave up, or at least relaxed, on the idea of making the site look glamorous. Which explains why the explicit tags were brought back. I am sure they have enough insights to figure out that most of the members want girls using dildos or doing anal.

Another reason to support that they are more relaxed is that now models can finally go topless in free chat.

Are couple and lesbian accounts performing differently now?

Nopโ€ฆ the vast majority of the models working on these categories are still on auto-pilot. Some models even start getting naked for shows on other sites without logging off from LiveJasmin. That is not a problem exclusively of LiveJasmin, though. That is pretty much on every webcam site.

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