Biggest Chaturbate Tips: Exclusive All-Time List

Chaturbate Biggest Tips: The Exclusive All Time List

Is it the biggest or highest tip? It doesn’t matter. What matters, especially for the girls, is that these tips happen. Chaturbate has been around since 2011, and since its inception, tipping has been an intrinsic part of its business model. However, the way people tip isn’t precisely the same way people tip on other camsites, namely, MyFreeCams. Like on any other tip-oriented camsite, most, if not all, the action that happens comes through tips; big tips!

On this post, which is more of a list, you can find the biggest tips on Chaturbate. You can compare to its long-time competitor, the creator of tipping culture, by reading the full list of the biggest tips on MyFreeCams.

Important note: Before you check the list, pay attention that there is a minimum limit to make to the list. That is 12,345 tokens. You won’t see any tip with fewer tokens than this.

The list was last time updated on July 4, 2023.

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No Insane Tips?

Yes, there are insane tips. Or do you think that a 700,000 token tip is nothing? But yeah, I must admit that if you compare, you will quickly notice that MyFreeCams models get more significant tips, and the tips have a clear pattern. Although members are very generous to Chaturbate models, the tips are not as crazy as MyFreeCams’. Generous tipping for simply tipping isn’t a thing on CB. Why? Honestly, without reading people’s minds, people tip for the action. Pure and simple. On MyFreeCams, there is a lot more going on, and people, mainly the big tippers, send large amounts of tokens to camgirls for multiple reasons. MFC acts like a porn social media site. But if I had to put it into one word, I’d say it’s because of ego.

Because, on Chaturbate, the ego does not play such an essential role, tips happen to meet goals and perform actions. If a Chaturbate model sets a goal of 1000 tokens, users tip to reach the goal and tip fast. But they tend to tip for only that. That concept of tipping extra just for helping does not exist on Chaturbate. Why randomly drop a $5000 tip out of nowhere when the girl isn’t even holding a countdown? Or why give $1000 during a show if that won’t add anything extra to the show? That seems to be the mentality.

In my opinion, if you put on a decent show, you have a very good chance of making money on Chaturbate. Unlike on MyFreeCams, where you generally need to be lucky, tips will happen if you have the energy and willingness to perform hardcore shows in public chat. Of course, you can’t just show tits and expect tips to rain. But the whole social side usually does not play a big role.

A quick note about ego: before anyone points out that I’m wrong about ego trips on Chaturbate, let me say that I know the room moderator situation and how ego trips are crazy there. But that is a different thing.

About The Data

Before comparing tips between camsites, it is crucial to notice the zero-day for the data. While on MyFreeCams, the first big tip known is from 2011; on Chaturbate, the first tip is from 2020.

Why? Because it was only in 2020 that I put a bot to track tips. I hadn’t done it before because I thought it would be technically impossible without spending much money on servers. After all, this is the busiest site in the camming industry, with an average of 5000 models online, and one of the world’s largest porn sites. I thought tracking events in so many rooms would require much computational effort.

Well, it turns out not to be that much resource-hungry. Of course, the bot is not joining every single chat room. It skips rooms with less than five viewers because an epic event is unlikely to happen in a room with just a few viewers.

On top of that, models and tippers don’t go around showing their tips. I have only seen a few models doing that on Chaturbate. While on MyFreeCams, almost every model who got a decent tip has shared a screenshot on their profiles and social media. The tippers also don’t seem to care much about that. I never saw any member sharing their big tips.

My point is that I can’t rely on people contacting me with their tips because they won’t do it.

Why Have a List of the Biggest Chaturbate Tips?

So, why compile a list of the biggest Chaturbate tips if people don’t seem to care? For comparison, I would say. Everyone knows that MyFreeCams has always been one of Chaturbate’s main competitors. I could even say that MFC was the only competition back in 2015. But since then, MFC lost its dominant position so much that Chaturbate now has almost five times more models than MFC.

But online models are just an indication of how popular a camsite is. Indeed, if a site has so many models, traffic comes with that. And if there is traffic, the chance of success increases. Therefore, comparing and measuring these two sites using tips is more than natural.

If you are wondering why you see on the list tips from 2015, that is because those tips were publicly announced everywhere, including now-defunct Chaturbate’s official blog. Just out of curiosity, the first big tip on Chaturbate, according to the site itself, happened in February 2015 when jingalus_decimus_meridius tipped adult video model sexygirlforyouuu 66,669 tokens.

How Much Are Tokens Worth?

Models get $0.05 per token. You can use this Chaturbate Token Converter to calculate how much a Chaturbate token is worth in dollars. No matter how the user paid for the token, that does not change. So, a model getting a 100 token tip means $5.

It is also essential to notice that everything is in US dollars. Whether the model is from the USA or Papua New Guinea does not matter. She will get the money from the tips in US dollars. Yes, they can request a payout in Bitcoin, but they convert USD to Bitcoin in this case.

The Biggest Chaturbate Tip

The biggest tip happened on December 17, 2022, when riv_ali_ns gave an astonishing amount of 1.044.444 tokens to alicia_uwu. We can definitively say that he is a generous tipper.

Notice that the date uses UTC.

alicia_uwu drinking soda while streaming on Chaturbate
alicia_uwu holds the biggest tip ever with 1,044,44 tokens

This was for sure in celebration of alicia_uwu’s birthday, which her profile says is December 16.

This pushed imoan_uen_suk to second place. She held the record for nearly two years.

This fantastic tip is effectively 706,667 tokens, smaller than the biggest tip on MyFreeCams. Indeed, if we merged both lists, this tip would appear in second place.

imoan_uen_suk, although smaller, has a more interesting story. What I find intriguing is that just 15 seconds after this tip, naughtyelle (the tipper) tipped another huge tip: 535,879 tokens, which is right now the second most significant tip on the site. Perhaps there is a limit on how many tokens you can tip at once; therefore, he had to split the tokens into two tips.

What is more interesting is that tipper: naughtyelle. That is actually imoan_uen_suk’s old account on Chaturbate that she used between 2017 and 2020. In other words, the tips came from imoan_uen_suk. Maybe she tipped herself to boost her popularity, but since Chaturbate does not rank camgirls by tips or camscore, self-tipping is pointless in terms of ranking. It can be that imoan_uen_suk transferred tokens from one account to another, and she happened to do this while broadcasting, which showed as a public tip.

How Much These Tips Actually Cost?

Out of curiosity, this was not the only time a user sent two big tips a few seconds apart. mrlovesgirls666 sent 100,000 token tips twice with only six seconds apart.

Anywho, how much that user paid for this is also unknown because of the multiple ways to buy tokens. We still can figure out that imoan_uen_suk got $35,000 (700,000 tokens * $0.05).

Let’s just say that live cam shows are porn. Just for simplicity’s sake. But we know it is not always like that. In any case, people are spending a lot more on porn than the usual $29.99 that traditional porn sites used to charge in their prime time.

Once again, this counts only public tips starting from 2020. If you know a bigger tip, let me know.

Who Is This Girl Holding The Biggest Tip?

alicia_uwu is her name. But I will be honest; I have no idea who she is. I don’t know most models. They are so many, and they keep coming and going.

She is young, currently in her early 20s, and speaks Spanish. From her snapshots, we can see that she performs explicit cam shows in public chat. That is all I can say.

Since she got that gigantic tip, she stopped coming online. Though, alicia_uwu has had two long breaks in her career before.

imoan_uen_suk also disappeared for months after getting a big tip. She returned for sporadic moments but eventually closed her Chaturbate account in November 2022.

It is unknown why alicia_uwu went offline and if she will ever return.

Who Is The Camgirl With The Most Tips on Chaturbate?

If we don’t consider unique tippers, thaissatyrant is the girl with the most tips. So far, she has gotten 63 tips. But 96% of these tips came from the same user.

There is one peculiar fact here: thaissatyrant got 60 out of 63 tips on the same day. On January 16, 2021, this guy dropped tips between 12,345 and 13,000 tokens every 30-60 seconds for about 15 minutes. After that, he never tipped her again.

Actually, two months after this event, thaissatyrant stopped coming online. She was also camming on StripChat and disappeared from there, too.

Now, let me throw this question: Who is more popular? A camgirl getting a lot of tips from one guy, or a camgirl getting the same amount of tips from a bunch of different guys?

Even if a girl gets fewer tips from twenty guys and the other gets more tips from one guy, I can positively say that the girl with twenty tippers is way more popular. Also, she is more successful and probably will have a longer career.

The numbers are not that impressive if we consider solely unique users. A camgirl called douxtease had eight different users tipping her more than 12,345 tokens. Not exceptional at all if you look at Kati3kat‘s tips, who used to cam on Chaturbate. Since moving to MyFreeCams, she has received relevant tips from 152 users!

Who Is The King of Tips?

It is naughtyelle, of course. When he sent big tips to the same camgirl sixty times in a single day, he quickly reached 1,235,879 tokens. That is more tokens than all anonymous tips. But, still comparing with the competition, the biggest tipper on MFC has spent ten times more. Remember, this is counting only the tips over 12,345 tokens.

General Questions

How Is The List Updated?

It is semi-automatic. A bot watches all the chat rooms and listens to all public tips. Since hidden tips are not a thing on Chartubate, I’d say that the bots catch pretty much all tips.

The bot creates a log file, and after that, I periodically check this file to be sure there is no mistake. That’s why I say it is semi-automatic.

Important note: In 2023, Chaturbate started rolling out major changes on its network. They first changed how to communicate with the chat server, and later they started using CloudFlare. It is unknown why they are using this service, but it seems they went with the top-tier plan and activated all the hardcore protection. As a result, they ended up making things harder for bots. On the one hand, it is good because it kicks out all bots being used to boost rooms’ viewers. On the other hand, a bot like MyCamgirl’s has difficulty tracking tips. In fact, unless you invest a considerable amount of time and money, it is impossible to make a bot track the tips.

Therefore, starting from March 2023, the bot may miss some tips.

Can I Add A Tip To The List?

Yes, you can. If you do, you will be the first person ever to contact me about a big tip on Chaturbate.

If you got a tip, tipped a model, or saw a model being tipped, feel free to send a message to

Screenshots are not mandatory, but it would be great if you could provide one.

How Can I Tip A Camgirl?

Are you serious? If you need to ask this, then you are entirely lost. But anyway. While on a model’s chat room has a button that says “send a tip” button below the camera window. Do you still need help? Just read the official support page.

Removing a tip from the list

I doubt anyone will ask this, but in any case, models and tippers can remove a tip upon request. Just contact MyCamgirl.

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