Exclusive: The Ultimate List of The Biggest Tips on MyFreeCams

Biggest tips on MyFreeCams

This is the list of the biggest tips on MyFreeCams. It started being built in 2010 when a girl asked me if I knew what was the biggest tip on MyFreeCams.

Originally, the idea was to list only the top 20 biggest tips. However, as tips were getting bigger and bigger, the list was later extended.

I decided then to impose a limit. It now shows tips equal to or greater than 12,345 tokens, which back then in 2010 was a huge tip, but nowadays it is just a regular tip that happens almost every day.

The list was last time updated on September 2, 2021.

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To make things clear


Some explanations on the tipper name:

  • Anonymous: Anonymous tipper (duh!)
  • Unknown: The tipper’s identity was omitted by the person who provided the details for that tip, therefore it is unknown
  • Private info: The tipper’s identity, although known, was removed by request

How the list is updated?

There is a bot tracking public tips, but this list is not automatically updated when a model gets a tip. It could though be automatic, but I prefer to first check the tips as a way to debug the bot, and then I manually import the file. I try to update the list at the end of the month.

This bot was not always collecting tips. So, old tips (before 2017) may not appear on the list. Thanks to everybody who emailed me the missing tips.

How can I add a tip to the list?

If you got a tip, tipped a model, or saw a model being tipped, feel free to send a message to contact@mycamgirl.net.

Screenshots are not mandatory, but it would be great if you could provide one.

No, the dates are not wrong

That is because the bot uses the UTC timezone. Many tips happen during the evening in the USA, which is already the next day if you use UTC.

Model name does not match the screenshot

Since models can change their nicknames on MyFreeCams, the nickname in the screenshot may differ from her current nickname. The list shows the current nickname, and the screenshot, obviously, shows the name the model had when she got the tip.

Model’s face is not in the screenshot

Models’ faces don’t appear in the screenshots for privacy reasons. Although many wouldn’t mind appearing in the screenshot, some may not like it. But I can guarantee their expressions of joy are unique.

Removing a tip from the list

Models, tippers, or even a whole tip may be removed upon request from either the model or the tipper.

Tips are only removed from the list upon request.

That 100000000000 token tip is missing

Yeah, from time to time I hear rumors of some impossible amount of tokens being tipped. With those, especially if they are public tips, and the bot caught nothing, I am a bit skeptical.

You see… a model’s camscore history is like a seismograph, and insane tips are like earthquakes. They always make the needle jump on the graph. All the unconfirmed insane tips I heard about made no changes to the model’s camscore history.

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