What Are LiveJasmin VIP Shows? Are They Really Good?

VIP Shows on LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin introduced VIP Shows around 2017, following Streamate, which had already its own VIP Show system, called Gold Show, many years ago. But is it worth it?

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What are VIP Shows?

First, a quick explanation to those who don’t know what VIP Shows are. This type of show a mix of Countdown Shows and Group Shows, but taking the best of both worlds.

A model holding a VIP show will set a topic/subject, which describes what she will do in the show, a minimum price per ticket, and the goal that members need to reach.

Let’s say, MariaRya is holding a VIP Show with the following options:

  • Topic: “get naked and play with Hitachi”;
  • Show length: 10 minutes;
  • Ticket price: 5 credits;
  • Goal to reach: 50 credits;
  • Time limit: 20 minutes

This means that, if the show starts, she will “get naked and play with Hitachi” for 10 minutes (Show length). Members have 20 minutes (Time limit) to reach the goal (50 credits). One ticket costs 5 credits.

You can pay more for a ticket if you want, which will help reach the goal faster. If members reach the goal, and you are the member who contributed the most, you get to be the VIP of VIP Show. That’s how LiveJasmin calls, kinda redundant.

What happens if the goal is not reached?

The default behavior is to cancel the show and refund all credits to members. However, models can choose to start the VIP Show anyway if they wish. Of course, they only do that if they got close to reach the goal, which makes sense.

This is the main change compared to Countdown Shows that you find MyFreeCams and Chaturbate. Both, Countdown Shows and VIP Shows, work the same way. But with Countdown Shows, you don’t get refunded if the goal is not reached.

What VIP of VIP Show status gives to you?

Well, officially, nothing much. Your name appears first on the contributors’ list, and you get a small badge next to your name during the show.

Unofficially, you may have some kind of control over the show. This really depends on the girl. I have seen some girls:

  • Screaming the VIP’s name while they masturbate;
  • Let the VIP choose the positions and when to change position;
  • Let the VIP choose the sex toy;
  • Give a discount if the VIP goes to a private chat after the VIP Show;
  • Send some free pictures/videos later;

But don’t assume all girls will do this. Many of them don’t give any special treatment to VIPs. It is not that they don’t want to do so. It is just that they never thought about this kind of engagement with members and how this can be beneficial to everybody.

What can you see in a VIP Show?

That will depend on the topic set by the model. However, more than often, the topic is very vague or ambiguous. That is my biggest problem with VIP Shows on LiveJasmin.

You can get a very detailed topic, like the topic AnaFiorenti set once:

Hi guys! Im going to spit my hand and pass it through my ass and fuck my tight ass with a plug!pink toy on.

But you can also see girls with topics that leave room for questions, like the topics CassieMaven typically set:

“welcome to may [sic] vip show ….you know it will be fun.” Come on, are you serious? Fun is very subjective. And she does not even give an idea of what she will do in the VIP Show.”

Average ticket price

There is no doubt that VIP Shows are the best option financially speaking.

I don’t have detailed data on this, but I can say for sure that the vast majority of the models ask for 2 credits per ticket, which is the minimum they are allowed to set.

By far, the most popular option is 2 credits for a 5-minute show, which gives you a rate of 0.4 credits per minute.

You can’t find any girl on LiveJasmin offering this rate for a private chat.

Yes, VIP Shows are cheaper, but not everything boils down to numbers. I had a far better experience in private chats because it is my private chat, my show.

Pros & Cons

  • A lot cheaper than private chats
  • Easy to watch
  • It may not be clear what you will see
  • You won’t be able to direct the show
  • It is you, the models, and everybody else who got a ticket (Like a group show)
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