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The changes introduced by MyFreeCams on Camgirl’s World

Saturday, June 26th, 2010
This page is part of Behind the Scenes and it is not a review about a camgirl.

MyFreeCams has been around for some years (since 2005), but the big boom came in 2008 when MyFreeCams introduced new rules and features. This camsite brought plenty of things that shaked the camgirl’s world.

At a first moment the competition didn’t give it much importance. But in the following months MyFreeCams started growing fast due to its unique approach and quickly other camsites started copying the ideas.

But what were these ideas?

Members and Models can exchange emails addresses and other contacts

MyFreeCams just put down the old strict rule about members contacting models outside the camsite.

Camsites really don’t like the idea of the girls having a way to contact members outside the camsite. Obvious reason: The girls can start making money performing shows on Instant Messaging. The Daily Peep for example put on the top every chat room a warning that reminds us that we are not allowed to exchange contacts with models.

MyFreeCams has no problem with that and they encourage members to keep in touch with their favorite models outside the site, and spoil them with gifts.

Note: Streamate, CamWithHer and OnHerCam seem to be now a little bland on this matter and I have seen many of their models widely promoting themselves on social network.

Group Show

This is feature was not originally introduced by MyFreeCams, but the way it is used there, makes it unique.

On other camsites like LiveJasmin, there is something called member chat, where multiple members can join a chat room and watch/interact with the model. I have joined member chats and in some cases the girls were sitting and not paying attention to the screen. Indeed, sometimes the girl is not even in front of the webcam. Also, I miss some action there. has also a nude show which was created even before MFC be launched. But like the member chat on LiveJasmin, I miss some action there. Models use to go on nude when they are too lazy to be in free chat.

LiveJasmin didn’t introduce group shows nor change the rules of the member chat. But came up with its own version of group show. A limited number of members can join the group show (it is the remaining seats) and there is more action than in nude shows.

But I still prefer the group shows on MFC. It is fun and the atmosphere created by the other members make it feel really nice.

Note: On MFC, you can also be out of luck and join a group show that does not have much action. Check the post I wrote about ItsTime4Fun’s performance in group show.


Originally created just to allow members to give a small gift (tip) to the models, it quickly started being used to keep girls naked in free chat.

Some camsites took some time to copy this idea, but it is now available on the major camsites like LiveJasmin,,, OnHerCam…

However, none of these sites allow the models to get naked in free. No matter how much a member tips. So far, MFC is the only site that allows nude in free chat.

Public nude shows

Often called by free shows (it is free for who just watch, not for who tips), the nude shows performed in free chat where anyone, including non-registered members, can watch a naked girl live on her webcam.

This, along with the contacts exchanging, is another thing that other camsites prefer to not copy from MyFreeCams. Only on LiveJasmin that there is an unwritten rule about girls flashing nipples for few seconds. But it is merely a technique to get more private shows and, as it is not written anywhere that models can do it, many models don’t even think about it for being afraid of getting banned.

Surely MFC has its own rules about what a girl can or can not do in a public nude show. But most of the girls break these rules when they perform truly hardcore shows with penetration in free chat. This is a particular rule I don’t mind to be broken.

Away Private (not available anymore)

Maybe the most important thing that this feature brought was the fact that MFC was openly admitting that the girls were working on other camsites.

Yeah, don’t you know that? Camsites do not allow models to talk about other camsites where they work. They don’t want you to find out that that sexy girl you are about to take in private is actually working on other camsite which may be cheaper or offer better features.

But MFC had no problem telling that those girls in away private were actually performing private shows on other sites. And if you wanted to watch them you could do it for a lower price ($1/min).

Clever idea I must say. Because if a model was offline on MFC while performing a show on some other camsite, MFC could loose members. Instead of taking the risk, MFC was keeping the members and encouraging them to join away private.

But, it had an end. Maybe because many models were abusing this feature, MFC decided to pull it out. Yeah, I joined some girls in away private that were really not performing any show. Some of them were not even in front of the webcam. So MFC must have thought about its customers and removed this feature.

Video archive

You go in private with a girl and after the show you can watch it again as many times as you want, just accessing your archive. Simple as that and maybe you think all other sites offer that too, but they don’t.

Surely, some sites like, Streamate, or ImLive offer video galleries, but it is different. It is not your archive and you have to pay in order to watch the videos, even if the video is from a private session that you had before.

Your own profile

Don’t you know what I mean? Visit my profile at MFC and see for yourself.

Not too sofisticated like a Facebook profile, but it still has some good features like your photos, list of favorite models, wall posts… and you can even block countries from accessing your profile. Basically, it is same as a model profile.

Lifetime Premium member

People use to not understand this concept and some even think it has some catch. But it is true. You buy 200 tokens ($20) only once and you get premium status forever.

There is no other site that offers this kind of deal. On for example you have to pay a monthly fee to keep your premium status (called VIP member).

But what you get with premium status?
You will be able to join and chat on any room, because models can not silence premiums.
You can send PM (Private Message) and MFC Mails to models and other members
You can join the Loungue

Maybe you think it is not a big deal. But on other sites you have to pay an extra fee in order to get functions like that. On WebCamClub, for example, you have to pay for each e-mail you send to a model. And on you have to be a VIP to be able to send e-mails.

And don’t forget that MFC is the only camsite that offer PM’s.

So, paying $20 for just once and get this forever, is a pretty good deal.

Free tokens

What? Don’t you have much money to spend on MyFreeCams? Well… bring a friend and MyFreeCams will reward you with some free tokens. Twenty tokens ($2) if a member create a free account and 200 tokens if this member becomes premium.

LiveJasmin has something like that and they even offer you promo videos to use on your site (if you have one). But I think people don’t use it much because I have never seen a LiveJasmin member promoting them.

In the other hand… I have seen plenty of MFC members using the famous “bring a friend” link. They are every where. Whenever I find a article or a post on some forum about MFC, there is already someone who intervened just to post his BAF code. Most of the cases this is purely spam. The people have nothing special to say, but as the subject is on MFC, they go there to say something usefulness just to post the damn BAF code hoping to get some free tokens. Even on Yahoo! Answers these guys are posting.

Worth saying that MFC does not reward members that spam. So, these spammers are wasting their time and polluting good sites.


  • princetoo


    i wanna be a premium member but i have no visa card, these cards not used in my country (Iraq), is there any other ways to pay th 20$, by phone or some thing else, thanx

  • MyCamgirl


    princetoo, you will have a hard time trying to buy tokens on MFC. Your country is pretty much blocked on most of the sites. Try getting a prepaid card issued outside Iraq and use it to buy tokens. Or contact MFC to make a wire transfer. You can't pay by phone on MFC.

  • SZIA

    non-registered (StreamRay) is so paranoid about MFC competition, they have an auto-ban feature for typing MyFreeCams in any room. I was looking around at various models and spotted a model I often see in MFC. I asked that model if she was also working on MyFreeCams and I was instantly ejected from her room and a window came up, saying that my account was suspended for ONE YEAR for harassing a model. From the time I pushed the send-button to receiving that message was no more than 2-seconds. They weren't kidding. This account with an $8.00 credit balance is still blocked. The One Year ban is almost up, so I'll let you know if the ban gets lifted.

  • MyCamgirl


    Hi SZIA, I think I have an "zombie" account on that I can use to test it. What I can say is that since I first visited, in 2006, they have strict rules about what members can say on chat. Either public chat as private chat. Normally, the server just discards the message if it contains a "bad" word. Few years ago, I got banned from a room (not from the site) for saying "yahoo". Although, back then, the site didn't have any warning message. I had to figured it out. But considering that MyFreeCams is a big competitor, it is normal to have rules. I just think 1 year ban is a very long time. They could at least give an warning before banning like that. By the way, on LiveJasmin they have the same kind of protection. The server not only discards any mention to any other camsite, but also for many known spam sites. ImLive, Streamate,, XLoveCam... they also have some kind of protection. But as far as I know, they don't ban members for that. After all, the "bad" message never showed up in the chat.

  • ma89tt19


  • MyCamgirl


    Really, MATT6989? Coming here just to spam your BAF link? In what way is this important to this post?

  • ytiuqibu


    Sadly MFC has double standards when it coms to Philippines models and has recently stopped accepting new model and studio applications from that country, except for established studios that seem to be able to add new models still. Otherwise it is a good site - but the lounges are overcrowded with inane comments.

  • EasterBunny


    Virtually everything you have listed as reasons to why MFC became popular I have seen on other sites either before or at the same time MFC introduced it,originally the only thing MFC had as unique back then was the myspace style profiles.MFC became popular by firstly convincing the models to do nude shows in freechat by paying the more popular models in tips themselves as an investment and then by simply spamming videos of their models on every single porn site and forum they could find on the net.Coupled this with the members spamming for the free tokens and thats how it increased traffic dramatically.They basically gave their product away for free for over a year and used this as some sort of strong marketing strategy to gain viewers.Its not overly smart but extremely exploitative of the models who back then were virtually all from Romania and Colombia.When you then have the returning traffic hooked and coming back daily the rest was easy.

  • MyCamgirl


    Good comment, EasterBunny. However, I don't agree with all you said. Let's see a few things I said that MFC introduced and you say they were not new. Exchange contacts with models: I can tell you some sites where chat server simply does not allow you to write your e-mail and other sites where they say every time you join a room that you may not exchange e-mail, skype, MSN, phone number or whatever. On MFC you easily find girls listing their e-mails, twitter account, facebook profile... Selling phone numbers, videos (even outside MFC)... It is true that in the last months some sites have introduced a few changes. and OnHerCam are now listing the models twitter on the models profile. But MFC is the only site where the models are free to write and post whatever link they want. Group Show: The same concept was already being used, but not exactly like MFC. I have watched sessions in old "nude show" feature on and I can say that it has nothing to do with Group shows on MFC. The new group shows on LiveJasmin is more like MFC, with a few features that help members to see what they want and models to get extra money, but there are only a few models available for group shows. Group shows are now available on almost all sites, most of them copying MFC style. Tips: The only site I know that had tipping feature before MFC is LivePimpin. They had it for years, but nobody ever used it. A handful of sites started offering this feature when they realized how much members were spending on tips on MFC. However, I never heard about a member giving a $20,000 tip on any other site. Public shows: I believe we have the same opinion. MFC was the first site to allow models to do so. has recently allowed models to perform nude show in free chat and I've watched many models doing it. There are even models having sex for tips. On Streamate there are some girls flashing tits and pussy, but this is still against the rules there. Lifetime Premium: MFC still is the only site where you pay only once to be premium. I've recently got an offer from to become VIP or whatever they call it, and I had to pay a monthly fee. All the sites that offer premium/vip membership will charge you a lifetime fee. Free tokens: We agree on this. And some sites have also realized the same thing, that members are sending a lot of traffic to MFC just to get some free tokens. I believe LiveJasmin was the first site to copy this idea, allowing members to embed promo videos on sites to get credited with new members. Didn't work well as I never saw a single member doing this. But the infmous MFC BAF code... you find it every where. You also mentioned about the paying top models a bonus. I suppose you are talking about the Miss MFC contest. MFC was not the first site to have this. Other sites also reward their top models and some sites even reward the top members (those who spent more money). MFC rewards you with free tokens if you send new members, but they don't give you a bonus if you spend a lot of money. You are completely right about the MFC free stuff people find on porn forums. It helped MFC a lot. I remind of MFC TV that MFC put online on a sister site (that once had more traffic than MFC) and that anyone could watch short recorded videos (2-4 minutes) of private sessions. Even with many models/studios complaining, MFC took like a year to finally decide to remove the "TV". But I'm not so sure that MFC has posted videos of their own models on porn forums. This would be for sure a smart move to get more traffic, but also a jerk move. Also, if MFC was posting those videos, it wouldn't make sense to ask me to remove videos. Yes, they did request me to remove videos and pictures of their models.

  • EasterBunny


    Exchange contacts with models:Camcontacts always allowed exchange of details as did which actually had the shows via yahoo messenger.Besides most of my messenger list of camgirls are from girls who work on sites that supposedly dont allow contact outside the site anyway. Group Show:If your not the only person in the room then its a group show isnt it,and I would say on average its cheaper on other sites even with the discounted price on MFC Tips:I have tipped camgirls on a few sites before MFC offered it. Public Shows:It all boils down to the free shows doesnt it,the idea is if you can get the attention of the custom then half the job is done,the longer they stay the better chance they will part with their money instead of elsewhere,its the same thinking in Casinos. Lifetime Premium:I still have open accs. on sites I havnt bought credit on in years,same thing. Paying top models:No,I mean paying the top models in tokens,if you own the site and want to get traffic you pay the popualr models to get naked in freechat it only costs you half and hopefully it will entice real members to do same.Plus you then put pressure on other models who see this and think they have to do same thing to get tokens and it spirals,its quite smart.The MFC contest was just something they copied from LiveJAsmin and completely different point. I watched the dramatic increase in traffic with the increase of videos on Phun,it correlated exactly.At the very least MFC ignored it because of the huge increase in traffic and ultimately money,but more likely with the track record of the way the site is run that it was actually the people who owned and worked on the site who done posted the videos to advertise the site,best advertising you can do,to give your product away for free until your market are hooked then cut off the free supply so you have to pay,this is after all an addiction.They only started getting the vids removed after a year of it going on,ask anyone about how long that MFC video list was on Phun it was huge,thousands and thousands.

  • MyCamgirl


    Just to be clear, I was talking about top/average sites. I know some really small sites where people pay for private shows upfront and later, when the model gets her cut, she performs the show on yahoo! or MSN. Other thing... you mentioned features that you can find on multiple sites, but it is hard to find all of them on one site. I remember when I first started chatting with camgirls that it was absolutely forbidden to mention e-mail addresses. Of course there were some tricks to exchange e-mails. Writing on a piece of paper was the most common. But generally camsites/studios had it controlled and many models were scared of death to exchange contacts afraid of losing their accounts. From 2 or 3 years now it got outta control. Not only because of MFC that allows models to freely exchange contacts, but also because of forums created by models. Ultimately, sites will change the rules if they see it is profitable and it not harmful to their business. Anyway... as I said, some features were not new. But MFC brought a different concept. The same way some sites tried to come up with different concepts. Overall MFC is more social, something that other sites were afraid of the consequences. Members can see* each other, interact between then... When in group you can see who is there. It is like an IRC chat, but with a girl live on cam. Some sites have now lost their fear and are trying to achieve the same. Yes, I know phun. There was a HUGE thread where people used to post over a hundred of videos every day, mainly of MFC models, but not only. They first made a deal with LiveJasmin - LJ even bought some ads - and later a deal MFC - no ads on this deal. I believe that thread and threads on other forums helped MFC and other sites a lot. When they reached a deal with MFC, the thread was simply deleted because at that point people were posting and re-posting solely tons of MFC videos. * by see I mean see the names of the members in the room.

  • delphine86


    I am curious, I am new as a camgirl and I have joined livejasmine, chaturbate, and myfreecams. so far I like chaturbate the best, but I have noticed a lot of guys want to see a girl pee. I know it is against the rules on livejasmine, but overall i am pretty open to anything for the right price. do you know if it is against the rules in these other sites? or against the rules to post vids for sale of these activities?

    • I didn't find anything on LiveJasmin's terms and conditions saying that you can't pee on cam. Although, if you ask them, it is most likely that they say you can not do it. Most of the camsites don't allow it, but not many enforce this rule. They may enforce if the girl is solely performing this kind of show or if a member report the girl. I can say that I've caught girls on LiveJasmin peeing and more (you can imagine what), and they never got banned. This is not to say it is safe. But they did it and nothing happened.

      As for selling videos. You can sell pee videos on

      You may get better advice talking to other camgirls. On you can find many girls with all kind of experiences. –  MyCamgirl Jan 19, 2013 20:52

  • wankbadger


    There used to be a 'independent' scene (pre 2005) through sites like and and others where shows would be done via yahoo/msn. Rather than the mainstream sites referred to in this article which I always shyed away from. Probably still lives on in but I never used it. But see it on mfc through the ubiquitous skype show requests.

  • nick name or whatever


    MFC feels like it`s actually run by someone intelligent and probably law-abiding.Yes there are one or two 'marketing' ploys that are dubious,but some other sites make you think you`re funding the mafia.It`s just a more professional and liberal-seeming site.

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