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Reporting nicknames and comments

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011
This page is part of Behind the Scenes and it is not a review about a camgirl.


Since August 10 people are able to report nicknames and comments. The last few days have served to debug this feature and see if it was working ok for all.

For those who are yet confused on how to use this feature, here is some explanations.

First of all, your email is optional. Whether you fill that field or not, your report will be treated the same way. Also, if you use your email, it will only be used to inform you whether your report was considered valid or not and what measures were taken.

For nicknames, the options are:

Account closed – If that particular account is closed now and does not exist anymore. If the model doesn’t come online there for a long time, but her profile is up, it is not a case of closed account. Also, closed accounts are not removed. They are simply flagged as closed and instead of showing the model online status, it will just say “closed”. Please, be sure that the account isn’t already flagged as closed before send this kind of report.
Account is NOT closed – If the account was was wrongly flagged as closed or it was re-open (on some sites models/studios can re-open accounts after months), this is the option you need to use.
Bad status – Nothing is perfect. Sometimes the online status shown on MyCamgirl does not match to the real online status. Either it is because of a bad model ID or because of a bug on the code. Reporting this kind of issue helps to find where the problem is.
Fake profile – Many scammers out there… Some guys use to create fake accounts, put recorded videos to play and wait for some member to pay for a private. In 99% of the cases, the model has nothing to do with this. That’s why it is called “fake profile”. Either way, if you know about a fake account, just use this option. This is not to report girls using fake pictures. This is another thing…
Link broken – Not a very common issue, but it can happen, if the model ID is wrong, that the link to her profile/chat room might be broken. Attention that in some sites, when a model closes her account, the link to her profile might seem broken.
Recycled account – It normally happens with studio models, when a model leaves the studio and the studio manager just tells another model to use that account. Recycled accounts are never removed. Instead, a small icon is added next to the nickname to let people know that they may or may not find that girl under that nickname.
Wrongly added – This account has nothing to do with the model, or it has been added by mistake. Attention, when studio recycle accounts, they use to replace all the pictures of the previous models with the new model. Be sure that the account isn’t flagged as recycled already. If not, try to find out if another girl worked there before the current model.

For comments, the options are:

Fake author – The author is not who he/she claims to be.
Hateful – The comment has no foundation and it serves only to attack other people. Please, understand that if you don’t agree with a comment, it does not mean the comment is hateful.
Privacy issue – Some privacy info was posted without permission and it can be harmful for other people. The name adopted by a model while chatting in her room, whether it is her real name or not, can’t be considered a privacy issue.
Requesting material/review – The comment is being used to request material (videos/pictures) or to request a review.
Spam – Pure and simple spam. Useless comment.
Unauthorized material – The comment has link(s) to site(s) where people can find stolen and/or unauthorized material. Before reporting this kind of comment, check if the page to where the comment links to isn’t an authorized site where the owner has rights to use the material.

All reports are verified in 24 hours and all measures are taken if needed.


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