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Not much time for new reviews

Thursday, June 10th, 2010
This page is part of Behind the Scenes and it is not a review about a camgirl.


I know you guys want me to review your favorite camgirls and many other camgirls, but I work alone on this.

Reviewing the girls takes time because it implies editing videos/pics and gathering information and not only taking the girl in private. Also, updating the old reviews takes time. Don’t forget that I have to maintain the server so you can access the reviews without facing a downtime. is something I created and maintain for fun. I wish I could dedicate full time to this, but I’m not rich and I have a day job which helps me to pay for the private shows (and the server), but it also consumes a lot of my time.

But I keep updating the site with new reviews. Not as often as I wish, but new reviews keep coming.

So, just be patient. If I told you that I will review a girl, I keep my word :)


  • elasticman


    hi you really do a very good job, you ara a oasis in camgirl'world. thank you.

  • xxxmusexxx


    I really appreciate the work you do and would like to contribute a little something to your cause. I am a model on mfc and have grown close attachments to my friends here on the site. While a poor attitude can be avoided by clicking next model I am saddened when i am told of more manipulative and deviant ways some girls have chosen to profit. I am glad that there is and outlet for this behavior to be revealed in an appropriate way (not just bashing) Being on cam is not always easy, you have to spread yourself among many friends and dodge rude comments - The fact that we (us cam girls) show a little extra flesh is no excuse for not conducting themselves along the same guide lines of any other customer relations, entertainment or hospitality industry- meaning service with a smile! Please post or send message me any info so that i may donate - it would be my pleasure- and keep up the good work-- thank u

  • anonimo


    Not really sure where exactly where tp put this question or comment,I was just browsing the section of this site and I noticed some of the girls snapshots are non-nude and some are explicit why is this,are the explicit ones just ones you have visited?.

    • Some snapshots were taken from free chat (where models don't use to be naked), others taken from private/nude chats. Even if a snapshot was taken from a private, it does not mean it will contain explicit images. Perhaps the member who paid for the private didn't want a nude show. Hence, snapshots from that private session won't show any nudity. If you just want to know what the model is willing to, the best thing to do is to visit her room and talk to her. –  MyCamgirl Jun 11, 2012 13:43

  • rgar123


    thI would love to know what you think of Dakota_18?...Also you said she was in true private for six hours on sept.

  • rgar123


    You said that Dakota_18 was in true private on sep. 19tg but her cam was off?

  • rgar123


    i meant to say true private for six hours.

  • Braquo


    Hi i can help you for the section cwsw if you want but only for the latinas models. i know a lots of them and the other cwsw and the nicknames .tell me if you are interested send me an email.

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