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MyFreeCams camscore stats and online activity

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011
This page is part of Behind the Scenes and it is not a review about a camgirl.


About four months ago I started gathering info about camscores and online activity on MyFreeCams. During this time I tested all the code and the data to be sure that everything was perfect, or at least close to be perfect. Now, it is time to make it available for all.

But what is this exactly? Well, take a look here:

Basically, it shows the models stats about their camscores, online activity and nickname changes. How accurate is that? Read the notes. I must stress that I started gathering data four months ago. Therefore, anything that happened before that is unknown. However, I might manually add old models and also previous nicknames. But obviously, I can’t add old info about camscore and online activity. Do not ask me to add any record just because you know or heard that a girl spent 10 hours in private or whatever.

On some pages you may also find links to model’s twitter, facebook, blog, official site… Not all models have this. If you see that some links are missing on any model, feel free to contact me.

For now it is just to see the stats. But in the future I will add the same features that you find on other parts of MyCamgirl, like comments, ratings, tags… Also, some tweaks will be applied. Mainly to easily find models that have changed their nicknames. Anything you think it would be cool, just make a suggestion.

What? Have you seen something that on other site? Probably on CamscoreStats. We kind of helped each other when developing the sites. But we have no business. We just like to develop things for fun.

What about other sites? Let me get some rest first, ok? 😛 But yes, I’m planning to do the same for other sites. For other sites the data will reflect since 2009 or 2010.

Note to models: I tried to contact as many models I could before making it public so you – models – could have a look at this first. But I only got reply from two girls. Anyway… if you missed my message, you still can make some changes on your stat page. Just read the notes.


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