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Group Private on LiveJasmin

Saturday, October 9th, 2010
This page is part of Behind the Scenes and it is not a review about a camgirl.

Recently LiveJasmin has launched a new feature – Group Private. I didn’t have any group session yet, but I already started searching for info about it and testing the platform.

Although the concept is the same as you find on other camsites, the platform that LiveJasmin has developed, called LiveJasminTV, is quite different than other sites.

What is the LiveJasminTV?

LiveJasminTV, available only for logged members, is like a simple Lounge where you can watch up 4 different webcams at the same time. This is where you find girls for group private. Members can also send text messages and recommend camgirls. The text messages are just that, simple messages. No links, lame custom smiles nor silly images. This makes the chat really clean. I prefer like that.

snapshot of LiveJasmin with four webcams loaded click to enlarge

The girls on this image are: pleasurefan, rusianbabe, sexybomba18 and princesexy

The recommendation feature is really nice. Not only because the suggestion is shown in a formatted style, so you won’t get any “ugly” font or strange color (again, I prefer like that). But also because it let you easily load the webcam just dragging and dropping the suggestion into a video area.

On each video area you can opt to just watch, or take the girl in private, start a group session, surprise the girl or lock the webcam (which avoids the system of loading a different webcam on that area).

I honestly prefer like that. It is better than jumping from room to room to see what is going on. And as LiveJasmin has extremely fast servers, you never see a slow webcam. Even with four webcams loaded, nothing slowed down for me. They could just put a link to the LiveJasminTV in a different place. To access it you need to click on “My Account” and on the right side, where it says “Performers” there is the link to the LiveJasminTV. Of course, you need to be logged.

Keep your eyes on the recommendations

I would suggest you to follow the recommendations made by the members. People use to recommend not only hot girls, but those who are performing a good show in public. Yes, this happens also on LiveJasmin and some girls are willing to go for a good public show after members send them a “surprise”.

Indeed, while I was writing this, someone “surprised” pleasurefan and she started a public show all naked. She went so far that she even fingered her asshole.

How does the group private work?

The group private… Maybe a little limited, but it is really cheap, only 0.98 credits per minute. Only the girl can send text messages. Members can make requests using icons that are categorized into three groups.

As I said, I didn’t join a group private yet. But LiveJasmin says that requesting an action “costs a symbolic amount of credits”. I asked to other members how much costs an action and they promptly answered: 0,30 credits per action. Not bad.

This feature is quite new on LiveJasmin – it was announced on October 4, 2010. So, knowing LiveJasmin, I expect improvements on the next months. If you have any suggestion, send them a message. They are one of the few camsites that are actually happy for getting feedback from members.


  • I remind you that credits on LiveJasmin have different prices depending on your country. 1 credit costs 1 local currency. For example, in USA 1 credit = $1. In most of European countries, 1 credit = €1.


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