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CamSluts is now XCams

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
This page is part of Behind the Scenes and it is not a review about a camgirl.

You are probably asking what the hell is CamSluts?. For over one year I had this camsite on my camsite list, but I’ve never figured out what exactly that site was. Until today.

I’ve been digging about CamSluts for a long time. The only reason for having this site on my list was because some known models were working there. But the site was always strange. It has a nice design and all, but whenever I wanted to check a profile, the site asked me to create an account and buy credits first.

Really? Do I really have to buy credits on CamSluts to check a profile? I don’t even know yet if I’m gonna use the credits. I mean, as non-registered member all that I can see about a model is one single picture. I can’t see more pictures, I can’t access her webcam in free chat. I don’t even know if CamSluts has free chat!

It all looked too fishy. I found some info that that site was actually a White Label (what is a white label?). But I’ve never found the original site. As CamSluts has its own affiliate program, which is rare when you are running a White Label (WL), and it has it own design that does not look like any other site, it was not easy to find the original. I tried contacting them, but I got no reply. What made me think they were a WL was the fact that when I was in Spain, I couldn’t load CamSluts. Instead, I was redirected to another site in Spanish. Some kind of community dating site. Which by the way, I had to pay first to see the rest of the site. No, thank you.

So, what did I do to find out whether CamSluts was a WL or not. I simply picked the names of three girls who were online and I searched for them all together on Google. I quickly found many links pointing to a camsite that I have already heard about: XCams.

I strongly believe that XCams is the original site, not another WL, simply because I once talked to a camgirl who said she wanted so bad to work for XCams. She heard from other girls that it was a good site to make money and she wanted to give a try. But they were rejecting her application. Anyhow… camgirls normally don’t know the WL. They join through the original site. If the WL has a link where models can sign-in, it will take her to the original site or to the official affiliate program. And guess what… CamSluts has no link for models. They can’t sign-in and they can’t log-in.

So, for now on, here on, CamSluts is now known as XCams!

Why wasn’t XCams already on the list? Well, take a look at the site. It looks really bad. I see now that it is the original site, but I thought that that site was a poor WL. Plus, like CamSluts, non-registered members can’t access the video chat. But at least, on XCams, you can check the profiles as guest and even check pictures and videos (if the girl has it).

If it looks so bad, why keep XCams on the list? For the same reason I added CamSluts. There are many known models working there.

Why not the White Label? I prefer the original sites, unless it is a WL created by the camsite itself. Many WL don’t have all the features that the original has. For example, LiveJasmin’s WL don’t have LiveJasmin TV, fan clubs, recorded shows, team 69…

What is a White Label?

A White Label is sort of a copy of another site. Sometimes an exact copy (just with different colors and logo) with all the features you find on the original, sometimes it has only the basic features. Either created by the original camsite or created by an affiliate, it can be free of costs or the affiliate may need to pay a fee to use the White Label.

Examples of White Labels: The Daily Peep is a White Label of LivePimpin and this one was created by LivePimpin itself. Or FreeOnesLive created by the good guys from FreeOnes and that is actually a White Label of Flirt 4 Free.


  • Julia_Storm


    Ex camsluts has freechat but in some countryes freechat is not available...before it used to have only group and pvt chat for each country. This kind of website seems to be really easy to use and people there seem to be really nice (exept a few ofc) the problem is that most of models are really not nice so to say and fake a lot in grups:). I work there when my mfc is not working alright and is really a way to relax while having fun

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