Behind the Scenes

Getting fake requests for removal

It may sound unbelievable, but happens often. Some people that are not the model ask me to remove the videos and pictures from my reviews.

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What a MyCamgirl's review must have

Some people seems to not understand what a MyCamgirl‘s review must have. Namely some studios that ask me to review their models. Basically, they ask me to post any text, two or three photos and a link to the model’s bio. This would be a poor review. First, because the text wouldn’t help much the […]

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Blocking countries

Yes, I’m blocking some countries. It is not something that I like, but in some case I had to do it. I explain here why I’m doing this and which girls I put the IP blocking.

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Surfing on I found this funny “model” online. The picture says: “ADMIN TEST CHAT, DO NOT ENTER!!”. I didn’t enter, but if any other member found this, he probably went in to check what was happening.

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The pressure in publishing a review

When in 2007 I decided to create MyCamgirl and wrote my first review, I never thought that one I would get so many visits and so many readers. But now that I have about 5000 visits daily, I feel some pressure. But I keep doing this.

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Is CamWithHer dying?

I never have spent a single penny on CamWithHer. It is just too expensive. And now this site is slowly dying and loosing models to MyFreeCams.

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Understanding the Away Private

Seems that some guys don’t understand this concept. I will try to explain it here.

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My 1st anniversary - The Special guests are girls from Novosibirsk, Russia

To celebrate the blog 1st anniversary, I decided to make a special post of a special studio from Russia.

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