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25 (September 13, 1990)
Russian Federation

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SexySweetMasha My Desirable Blonde


Being part of the 69’s team at LiveJasmin may not be so hard, mainly if you are a new model, but stay among the top 10 models for several months is something not many girls can brag. Masha (SexySweetMasha) is one of this girls.

Quiet and shy, but very naughty

You won’t see Masha bragging about her current rank in the top list, nor how many times she finished in the top. She is not the kinda girl who talks much and besides that, she is most of the time busy in private chat that even if she wanted to talk about her awards, she wouldn’t be able.

She is quiet and kinda shy. At least, this is what you see in the short minutes she is free to be in free chat. You don’t see her talking much or teasing much. To be fair, she does not need to. Despite being a quiet girl in free chat, she has no problem getting members to start a private chat. It seems obvious why if you take a look at her hot body. It was her body that convinced me to check her out and I am pretty sure it is also what makes so many guys join her private shows.

Slowly and hot

She is hot, that is unquestionable. But I honestly thought that that shyness could be extended to the private show and that she would bring in a sexy, but softcore show. I was wrong.

She started slowly, and now, after many privates with Masha, I know this is how she does. But not slow as in delaying the show. No way. She gets naked quite fast. I mean, slow the way she fucks herself. Like a sexy dance, slowly moving her hip while riding a dildo or fingering her ass. It is like you can see she is feeling every inch of that dildo inside her. As opposed to some girls that fucks so fast that you can’t even see if she is really doing it. Masha performs shows which gives you a detailed view of what is going on in a very sexy and naughty way.

Oral skills

One of her best skill is perhaps how she licks a dildo. Once again, she does it slowly, like she enjoys licking and sucking a dildo. It is really pleasant watching her slowly put her tongue around the dildo and lick it up and down. If, not a long time ago, Shampane amazed me with her oral skills and her deep throat technique, I can say I am equally amazed by Masha’s hot tongue.

It is also good to know that she knows how to do it. I’ve never had to tell her to lick the dildo that way. It was actually Masha who revealed her skills when I once asked if she had a dildo. She didn’t answer verbally. Instead, she grabbed the dildo and started licking it. For sure the best way to answer my question.

Anal pleasure

At this point, you have noticed that everything Masha does, she does slowly and very sexy way. Not delaying the show, as I said. This also happens when she masturbates, either with a dildo or with her fingers. Which, besides being very hot, it is also very clear that she isn’t pulling any trick. I’ve watched it a dozen of times and she always mesmerizes me when she licks her finger and slowly push it in her ass until she gets deep in there, moving her finger in and out in her tight asshole.

This is something she seems to enjoys. Actually, I would say that Masha enjoys every minute in private. She has never tried to trick me or refused to do any thing (although I’ve never asked nothing extreme, it is not my kind of show). If I wanted a 30 minute private chat with her just fingering her ass, she would still enjoy the session. This is something important. If the girl enjoys the session, her performance tends to be much better.

SexySweetMasha vs SexySweetNastya

Who is who? Are they the same?

There seems to be some confusion about them, that leads people to think they are the same person and that the girl is using recorded videos. I have been told, and I didn’t ask this to none of girls to confirm this, they are sisters. I didn’t confirm with them, but sounds quite plausible.

Both blonde, both with nice slim body, both with fake tits… basically, equally hot. But Nastya (this is not the girl reviewed here) has a tattoo on her hip and a piercing on her left nipple. Masha (the girl that this review is about) has no tattoo and has no piercing. You can see the difference on the picture on the right (click to enlarge).

I can go even further and say that each one has a different performance in private. While Masha is how I described here, with a 5 stars performance, Nastya seems to be a little off the show and has a bad habit of conducting a bogus show (faking the penetration, for example). Despite that, I believe that Nastya does not use any recorded video. She just has a bad performance.



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