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28 (February 11, 1986)
Florida, United States
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Janessa Brazil My Brazilian Dream


This is the kind of model who I thought I would find when I visited a camsite for the first time 3 years ago.

Actually, Janessa Brazil is not exactly like those models I imagined. She seems more human. I imagined that every model would be a super porn actress performing a systematic show.

Aside that 90% of the girls are not professional actress, the other 10%, that are pro actresses, are not that robot. So, I was completely wrong. EmberReigns is a prove that a girl can be a super model and also an excellent camgirl. And Janessa is another excellent example of a super model doing a great job as camgirl.

This sexy Brazilian chick is a Goddess, a real dream. Sexy face, smooth dark hair, soft skin, big tits, big ass… The kind of model that you can only find on magazines and/or big adult websites.

Yes, you can find her at her official website, which is a pay site. But you can also find her on CamWorld performing private shows. It means that you can control this hot Brazilian babe in private. A dream coming true!

Now, maybe you are wondering if this girl is really Brazilian. As far as I know, she is. She was born in the hot Rio de Janeiro and in 1994 she moved to USA. She is now living in Florida. I guess she can’t be far from a hot weather.

With all that sexy body, is natural that she has decided to become a super model. But she seems to be selective. No dirty porn, nothing with 5 black men, 3 white, 2 girls and one midget, like some actresses do. No, Janessa is not like that. She has class. You can see that on her webcam. A clear picture actually. She must have a professional webcam.

However, she has some lesbian pictures available on her website. Even a photo session with Giselle, who is also a super model and I’m trying to get some material to make a review about her. Anyway… I guess she enjoys some fun with other girls.

And if you think this sexy chick is a tough one in private shows. You are wrong. Despite she got class, she can be a real naughty girl in private. No fake shows or boring chats (although you can just chat with her if you want). She is there to entertain you, to give the best private show.

Oh, and she has a big vibrator. It is almost a sex machine. The common girls don’t have that kind of tool and it makes Janessa even more extraordinary compared to most of the camgirls. Really, this girl is 100% able to give a great show.

That’s why I decided to make a post about her. Despite being a centerfold model, Janessa is also a camgirl performing excellent shows. And as this blog is above all and solely about camgirls… Enjoy the free videos. It is something that those 32,438 blogs “talking” about Janessa don’t do, but I do ;)


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